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2024 BTRNT Calendar



Our theme this year is: “Muscles & Bostons”

Each month, including the cover, has been professionally photographed by our amazing Volunteer Lorraine Haan-Stewart. We are soooo excited about this year’s calendar and hope that you are too!!


All net proceeds from the sale of this calendar help to continue our mission to rescue Boston Terriers in need. We are a modest rescue, and we make every dollar count!


Boston Terrier rescue of North Texas could not exist without our amazing fosters, volunteers, and donors. As a private, nonprofit organization, we rely on the assistance of caring and hard-working individuals in all areas of our rescue.


Our organization works tirelessly to care for the homeless and abandoned. We are dedicated to giving every animal the best opportunity for a wonderful future. Without YOU we could not exist, which means our rescues would not have a chance!

This calendar offers hope, love, and support to so many deserving rescues that NEED help! So, we want to personally thank YOU!

2024 BTRNT Calendar


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